CS 419 Syllabus

Spring 2024

This syllabus will change.

week date topic*
1 Jan 22 Introduction: definitions, threats and risks
2 Jan 29 Cryptography
3 Feb 5 Key distribution, public keys, hybrid cryptosystems
Integrity, hashes, digital signatures, signed software
4 Feb 12 Authentication, Biometric authentication
5 Feb 19 Blockchain & Bitcoin
Exam 1
6 Feb 26 Access control
7 Mar 4 Code injection - buffer overflows,
Protection: ASLR, DEP, canaries
9 Mar 18 Command injection
Containment, sandboxing
10 Mar 25 Malware and defenses
Exam 2
11 Apr 1 Network security
12 Apr 8 Network security defenses: VPNs, TLS, Firewalls, Intrusion detection, Zero Trust Architecture
13 Apr 15 Denial of Service and amplification attacks,
Web security
14 Apr 22 Hiding: Steganography & watermarking, side-channel attacks, Tor & anonymous communication,
Exam 3
15 Apr 29 CAPTCHA,
Mobile security,
IoT issues, AI
16 May 6 4:00-5:30pm Final exam: - TIL-254

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Rutgers CS Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Rutgers Computer Science Department is committed to creating a consciously anti-racist, inclusive community that welcomes diversity in various dimensions (e.g., race, national origin, gender, sexuality, disability status, class, or religious beliefs). We will not tolerate micro-aggressions and discrimination that creates a hostile atmosphere in the class and/or threatens the well-being of our students. We will continuously strive to create a safe learning environment that allows for the open exchange of ideas while also ensuring equitable opportunities and respect for all of us. Our goal is to maintain an environment where students, staff, and faculty can contribute without the fear of ridicule or intolerant or offensive language. If you witness or experience racism, discrimination micro-aggressions, or other offensive behavior, you are encouraged to bring it to the attention to the undergraduate program director, the graduate program director, or the department chair. You can also report it to the Bias Incident Reporting System].

*Subject to change without notice.
Last modified April 28, 2024.
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